In House Laser Engraving

In 2012 the laser engraving operation was brought in house to offer cost savings, greater speed, flexibility & increased efficiencies with shorter lead times and closer quality control. Under the management of engraving specialists we operate the most advanced high – tech machines offering legibility at the finest point size, clarity on the most intricate designs, larger engraving areas and an array of finishes to offer different shading and tones. With our expertise we can also offer embellishments such as sequential numbering and individual personalisation to many of our products.

We operate masterclasses  for all our trade customers and their end customers and host BPMA Educational Branding and Factory Visits at our offices in North Watford.

Laser Engraving  delivers a permanent solution –  we do not recommend  printing to metal items as permanency cannot be guaranteed. Where colour is a requirement the solution is to Die Stamp and then colour fill, which we can do for you as a special import.

During Laser Engraving, the surface of the workpiece is melted and vaporized by the heat generated by the laser beam. This is known as “material removal”. The recess formed on the surface of the workpiece in this way becomes the engraving that reveals an image at eye level.


Within the laser engraving process the top layer is removed which means the colour of the base metal is revealed – which is why we ensure the base metal of all our items is zinc or similar and NOT brass so the finish provided is a tone on tone. In some instances it is possible to manipulate this finish by increasing the frequency & duration on the laser – though these methods are more expensive and may be cost prohibitive. Where darker engraving is possible this is mentioned on the product page. Please note when anodized aluminum is engraved the white substrate is exposed and when a lacquered coating is engraved the base substrate metal is exposed.

We operate both CO2 machines and a YAG system


Artwork is required in a Vector file format AI, EPS or PDF – on the Yag this is converted to a DXF File which is then hatched using AUTOCAD software, the hatching process takes the outlines and fills them in so they are closed entities.


As we are also able to laser engrave many different product materials we offer an engraving service on customer supplied products and have recently engraved a diverse number of items from trainers, calipers, light switches to wooden chopping boards, metal dough bread cutters and medical instruments!

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